Empty Places

Job 26:7 “He stretches out the North over empty space.”

An article by David McCausland, in Our Daily Bread caused me to question whether I am in an empty place. His premise was that experiences that seem to be empty places are, in fact all undergirded by our Heavenly Father’s power and love. The Lord Who upholds the Universe by the Word of His power, is in control of our everyday lives.

I ask the question, “Is where I am now, one of those empty places that is undergirded by my Father’s love? Why am I here?” I feel I am needed. I think I can make a difference here, but can I?  If I am here by Divine design and this is a part of the plan of God for my life, then the empty places will be filled with knowing that He has it all under control and He will give me the wisdom and understanding that I need to get through every day.

I’m not here for pleasure. I’m not trying to earn Brownie points or to get stars in my crown. I didn’t feel any great pull within or hear a voice saying, “Go to this place, I am leading you there.” No, I came because I saw a need that I believed I could and should fill. Maybe some day I’ll look back on this and see that I was led. This city is strange to me so I am not confident in traffic. I am getting better but I feel judged as old and not very bright when I ask questions about the route to take. I don’t hear well so need to ask again what was said. I think they mumble most of the time.

I am here until I believe it’s time to leave. This is not my “cup of tea”, to live with people who have a very different concept of cleanliness than I do. I think of the Gulag and Kornfeld. His life seemed to end up in an empty place, in the Russian Gulag and yet he influenced a man who became a famous writer, used of God to expose those terriblr places of human suffering and pain. Solzhenitzen lived and Kornfeld died. Why? Only God knows why any of us lives. Why am I here at this time?