No Agenda

Humbly, I come, no agenda in hand,
My life map is blank, it is laid out in sand.
I thought it was following one path for sure,
But it changed, and became somehow quite obscure

I tried to become what I thought I should be,
As a wife and a mother, somehow I lost me,
Divorce, then remarriage, brought love so sublime
Which changed when God took him, in His blessed time.

Alone, I now travel, no companion I see.
If God brings me someone, accepting I’d be
But, as He’s forming me, more careful I am,
Only godliness, characterizes this kind of man.

Not good looks or charm, but honest and kind,
A genuine follower of Christ would I find.
If no one is chosen, my companion to be,
I’m content with my life, being Jesus and me.