Treasures of Darkness

In Isaiah 45 we have a very interesting prophesy. One hundred and seventy five years before he was born, Cyrus was named and chosen by God for His own purposes. Although Cyrus was a Gentile who does not know God,  he is the Lord’s “anointed” who will be held by God’s hand as He is guided through open doors and gates and over rough places made smooth.

Verse 3 “And I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places, in order that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, Who calls you by your name.” The purpose is that Cyrus might know Who God is.

Job was a man who certainly went through a time of darkness in his life. At first when he lost his wealth and his family he said, “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord .” Job did not blame God, he worshiped. As time went on and he lost his health, he wished he’d never been born and he cursed the day of his birth but he did not curse God as his wife suggested he should.

In his depression, Job found himself unable to imagine any good that could possibly outweigh his suffering and loss. Job 9:21, “I despise my life.” August Konkel (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary) has some interesting comments on Job. He says, “Job did not bewail the losses of wealth, family or health. His concern from beginning to end was his life with God, which from his circumstances, appeared to be lost…. The only conclusion Job could draw from his situation was that he had lost God and if this was true. then his life had no place in God’s world.. ….His losses led him to assume God was not present with him …. ”

Sometimes in our dark times we are apt to wonder if God is still present with us. In 1904, missionaries, Minnie and George Lacy lost all five of their children when they died from scarlet fever. In their darkest hour, they found that Jesus was there. In April 2014, Deborah, in Northern Nigeria, lost her family when armed Boko Haran insurgents shot her husband and abducted her daughters, ages 7 and 9, then later shot her 20 year old son. Her testimony is, “My situation doesn’t mean God doesn’t care about me. He does. Therefore I will praise Him.”

Through the darkness we come to know the Lord in a way we would not otherwise know Him. That is the greatest treasure. In Phil 3:8 -10 Paul says he counts everything that was gain as nothing compared to knowing Christ. 1 Cor 4:6-11 “-we have this treasure in earthen vessels….” We, as clay pots, (often cracked pots) show the power and grace of God, as lights in the dark place. We draw closer to Him.

In my dark times of uncertainty, truths from God’s Word come to my mind. Sometimes it is not new to me but it is treasure that needs to be reinforced in my spirit. God draws me to spend time with Him. I know His presence is with me and He hasn’t left me to figure it out alone.  The treasures of darkness are mine as I come to know and trust Him.