Undimmed Memory

“There’s a storm coming.” This was the reason given by the cashier at the grocery store, for the lack of bread on the shelves. When I came home and turned on the TV, the weather channel carried the warnings of snowfall in the many areas, especially in the higher elevations.

My mind goes back to March 2, 2011. Larry and I had left home the day before and stayed over night at Princeton, something we liked to do, when we drove to the Coast. On March 4, he would be 80 years old, and he was very excited about the celebration his daughter, Brenda had planned for Saturday. He loved to get together with family and friends. This would be the highlight of his life. He had reached a milestone after a long climb.

There was a lot of snow on the highway but with all his trucking experience, Larry was not concerned. When we reached the divided highway the other side of Hope we felt that the worst was behind us. But suddenly the wheel was caught in the pothole, the car left the road, and suddenly we were airborne into the median. Held by our seat belts we seemed to be watching a movie. We saw the snowbanks & the highway as we spun around. Finally, the car fishtailed, slammed against a bank and came to rest on two wheels.

Although we were not protected from the accident, I believe we were protected during the accident. There were some things that I believe were not coincidence. All of the apparent damage was in the back with windows smashed and the back seat filled with snow. The front windshield and two windows were intact and the airbags did not deploy.

Help was there in the people who were on the scene immediately, a truck driver and two RCMP officers, one travelling East and the other officer going West on the opposite side of the highway. The men put the car on it’s four wheels and the ambulance was called. They walked us out to the road to the waiting ambulance. The car was totaled but we walked out. Later, when he saw the car, Dustin remarked, “Someone was looking after you.”

Yes, Someone was looking after us! But in the days that followed we might have wondered why some things that happened had a happy ending and other things did not. We walked away from the accident but on March 5, Larry had a stroke, missed his big celebration and ended up in one hospital. That was followed later by more strokes, another hospital, pneumonia, paralysis and finally death. Within three weeks he was gone.

As Larry was in a private room, the family was able to be with him around the clock. Some good happened in those three weeks as we drew together as a family. Larry prayed for that and I believe he knew and was happy to see our blended family drawn closer. Through the years, he prayed for each one every day, morning and evening. He had their names written on a paper so he wouldn’t forget anyone. Remembering now, I can hear him saying each name.

Undimmed memories are footprints in the sands of time. Although the memory of the storm brings tears, yet there is a peace that comes with it. My loving God is in the memories. I can put my hand in His and trust Him for the future.