How Can I Say Thanks?

The song, “My Tribute” by Andrae Crouch, gives glory to God as he asks the question, “How can I say thanks for the things You have done for me? Things so undeserved yet You give to prove Your love for me.” Thinking back over the last months I ask the same question!

I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God! Not because everything that I have gone through was good at the time but things have worked together for my good. At the beginning of the year I was not sure I would recover from the worst flu virus that I have ever experienced.

Somehow I picked up the virus when I traveled to Kelowna to spend Christmas with my children. On December 19 I boarded a West Jet plane in Abbotsford prepared for a long flight via Calgary. We left at 9 AM and arrived at our destination at 1 PM.

It was so nice to be together for Christmas but gradually I became more congested and sick. I was so glad Maureen had arranged for a wheelchair for me for the flight home.  I could not have walked to any gate to board for the return home to Abbotsford.

Weeks went by and as I slowly recovered I realized that the independence I had taken for granted was no longer best for me.  My strength is not what it was and as time passes I need to face the truth of my age and admit my need for help. I needed to live near my children who could help me when I needed it.

Before this I had begun making applications to some of the Seniors residences in various places in the lower mainland, in the valley and in Kelowna. I had toured a few of them but there were waiting lists for the ones I felt were affordable.

One place in Kelowna had responded some months before but the available suite was not suitable. Now I received a call from them that two suites would be coming up and one would be on a floor I wanted.  Dwayne took photos and sent them to me. I felt the time and the place were right for the move.

Because I would need to downsize, I called the Bibles For Missions Store  to pick up my excess furniture. Everything that I had collected thinking I would need it someday was now given to charity. There was so much I was not using and didn’t need to keep.

I got out the boxes and began the big job of packing. I was so thankful for my children who helped in so many ways. Dustin and Laurie came and helped with boxes and taping. Brenda & Josh came from Edmonton early to help with the last packing, cleanup and overseeing the move out.

Conditions on the Coquihalla highway were bad and the movers coming from Kelowna had spent the night in their truck.  By noon the next day they were at my apartment loading. The next morning Brenda, Josh & I left with Brenda driving.

It was February and winter conditions prevailed but with Brenda’s truck driving skills and the snow clearing trucks leading us through the worst part on the Coquihalla, we made it to our destination safe and sound. It was actually a good trip!

Dwayne was overseeing the moving in to the suite on the Kelowna side, meeting the   movers there and supervising the placement of furniture etc. After the movers left Dwayne & Brenda & I began the big job of unpacking boxes and finding a place for everything.

I stayed with Dwayne & Maureen for a couple of days while we finished unpacking and did all the things necessary to making the new place homey. The staff welcomed me to the Chateau  with a card and bouquet of flowers on my kitchen counter.

Settling in has not been difficult although living in a community is a different way of life to living independently. There is far more structure. Eating meals at a certain table and time as well as signing out if I leave the building is something I am getting used to!

I am getting to know some of the people. The staff are very caring and always ready to help. There’s various activities. Last week we went to the Greenery Garden Center and a walk at Mission Creek is coming up. We can be as involved as we wish to be.

We are within walking distance of the big mall and other stores and restaurants. I have not found a Doctor taking new patients but a good walk in Medical Clinic is close which is taking care of my needs. We have a Shuttle bus which takes people to appointments.

I am enjoying Sunday Services at the Alliance Church nearby. The Senior’s Bible study and group activities will resume in the fall which I am looking forward to. I have met most of the Pastors and the Pastor of Community Care says she is coming to visit me.

So, my life has taken an unexpected turn! At the end of 2016 I never envisioned the things that have happened. Moving into a Seniors residence, in a city I was not familiar with was not on the horizon but I am happy to be here. God was in it!

I say thanks to God for all He has done for me! I say thanks to my children for all they have done for me! They sacrificed their time and energy to make sure I was looked after. Thank you! The Lord will bless you for caring for your mother!