Until I see how dark the night,
I do not see my need of light.
Light stands to help , my path to guide.
My way looks good, I now decide.

My winding path leads through the trees,
Dark forest brings me to my knees.
Light comes and gently shines again.
My way I choose, forget the pain.

This time my choice of desert grim
Brings me to know my need of Him.
Blest searching light seeks me once more.
With joy I open up the door.

My soul at last embraces Light,
Darkness in me has lost the fight.
Aware now that my world was dim,
I finally see my need of Him.

He sought me when I was so lost.
He did not even count the cost.
Jesus, the Light, forever Love,
Will light my way to Heaven above.

by Janna Olsen Spratt


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