Little Things Mean a Lot!

Tonight I took my brother back to his room after his supper and I left. It was 6:15 and just starting to get dark. It was raining and I had left my umbrella in the car. I decided to set up my GPS and I was glad I had taken the time to do that. As the rain came down in torrents and the streets got darker, I couldn’t see the street signs until I got close to them.

The GPS map showed me the streets coming up so I knew where to turn when I needed to. I had to stop at a couple of places and the rain never let up. I thought of some of the words in the little song about Noah. “After 40 days, Noah took a peek, and said, ‘We ain’t moving, Lord, where are we at?'” The answer was Mt Ararat, and i thought of “Fraser Hwy or 96 Ave,” but it didn’t rhyme.

I made it home, got my things out of the trunk, walked to the door, and suddenly I wasn’t alone. There was a calico kitty, whose name is “Cally.” She belongs next door but she waits for me and comes to greet me so often. I didn’t think she would be there tonight because it was so miserable. Often she waits on her porch until I drive in and then comes running to greet me. Of course I always have “Temptations” in my purse but I also talk to her and pet her. She knows I like her. She’s special.

That’s what I mean when I say, “little things mean a lot.” It was a small thing but somehow it warmed my heart. It made me think of my Mom and her love for cats. I’m like her in that way, I like cats. I’m a cat lady!

Mom and her catscalico kittenMom as a child with a catcali kitty up high


2 thoughts on “Little Things Mean a Lot!

  1. The trick is taking time to notice those ‘little things’. We are often so busy we don’t take the time, or appreciate those small things when they present themselves to us. Is the cats name really Callie, the same as yours?


  2. Yes, we often miss the small things because we do not take time to notice them. The cat’s name is Callie, the same as the cat I had. She is similar in color, orange, black & brown. My nephew, Terry found her, lost or abandoned, and brought her home. She is small for a grown cat. My sister doesn’t like cats and always shooed her away but she always comes running to greet me. When my car is not home, she will wait at the end of the driveway or near the flowerbed where I park. With the rain, I didn’t expect her to be there, but there she was.


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