I’ll Give You A Child

I’ll give you a child
For a little while,
To hold and to love
And to make your heart smile.

I’ll give you a child
To laugh with and cry with,
To teach and to train,
To hold in your heart
And from fear to refrain.

Give them roots so they’re grounded,
Give them wings, strong and able.
Help them grow in their faith,
Let them feed at My table.

For I am their Shepherd, not you.
I give them to you for a very short time,
To pray for, to mold, and to give them your best.
You share their journey, but this child is Mine!

© Janna Olsen Spratt

The morning of May 16, 2013 I was praying for my daughter who is fighting for her very life in ICU, in a hospital in this city. I remember some of the events in her life beginning with her becoming my daughter. Sometimes she caused me to laugh and sometimes she caused me to cry, but always I am aware that she is not mine, she belongs to God. I wrote this poem as I felt it spoken to my spirit. I felt the Lord saying to me, “No matter what happens, you do not control your child’s life. It’s in My hands as it always has been!”


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